"Madman" from the album ‘Madman’ by Sean Rowe! ADDS 8/26/14! More info here!

"The Heart Never Recovered" from The Silent Sunrise by A Shoreline Dream! ADDS 8/26/14! More info here!

"Black Lemon" [SINGLE] by Generationals! ADDS 8/26/14!

"All I Really Want" [SINGLE] by The Bots! ADDS 8/26/14!

"On The Rocks" [SINGLE] by The Rural Alberta Advantage! ADDS 8/26/14!

"The Rescue" from Art Imitates Art by Worth Taking! ADDS 8/19/14! More info here!

"Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future" [SINGLE] by Mike Doughty! ADDS 8/19/14!